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Our travel and lifestyle incentive business has sold and serviced more than 22 million incentive certificates globally to companies like yours, interested in revenue-increasing solutions.

Wondering how you can acquire more leads? Not converting enough leads into customers? Determined to retain customers better? Intending to increase sales among existing customers? We're ready with solutions.


Acquiring new customers is one of the trickiest and costliest challenges facing businesses, but we can help. With a high perceived value, our incentives can set your business apart from competitors at a relatively low cost. Whether you are trying to get the attention of prospects or nurture your leads, we have effective business solutions.


We all understand that lead generation is fruitless unless we turn our leads into customers. At Grand Incentives, our goal is to not only help your business make those all-important sales but to help you make profitable sales. Too many businesses are sacrificing their bottom line by deeply slashing prices and overpromising results. Our solution is to add value to your products and services through the use of incentives - so that you do not have to make compromises to increase sales and maintain higher profit margins.


Customer retention is the ability to keep customers buying from you. Why is this significant? According to the Econsultancy/Responsys Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2013, more than 70% of companies say it's cheaper to retain a customer than acquire one. In addition, Bain and Co. reports that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company's profitability by 75%. Whether you already have customer retention measures in place or have never actively focused on retention, we can provide incentives that support your retention efforts.


It's no secret that the main objective of retaining customers is to continue to profit from them. While some repeat purchases will happen naturally, it's important to proactively renew customers as well. Retention and renewal decisions generally hinge upon expectations, experiences, perceived value and satisfaction. As you continue to sell to your existing customer base, we recommend using our incentives to strategically hone in on these four critical areas.