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We all understand that lead generation is fruitless unless we turn our leads into customers. At Grand Incentives, our goal is to not only help your business make those all-important sales but to help you make profitable sales. Too many businesses are sacrificing their bottom line by deeply slashing prices and overpromising results. Our solution is to add value to your products and services through the use of incentives so that you do not have to make compromises to increase sales and maintain higher profit margins.


Lead Conversion
Convert leads into paying customers

You have a customer's attention. (Let's call her Susan.) She has the money and ability to purchase. All you need to do is motivate her a little more. How about a product-centric approach? You could offer Susan your widget at a discounted price, but that would only work now in the short-term. What you need is a long-term, customer-centric strategy.

This is where Grand Incentives comes in. We understand that unless your customer incurs a switching cost – the time, effort or money required to switch to your product or service – then she can easily choose a different brand next time she makes a purchase. Incentives keep you from diluting your product or service by adding value, which means that Susan still has to spend the same amount of time, effort and money that your product generally requires. With the value you've added, she's okay with that and excited to enjoy the incentive you included.

Keeping your long-term customer relationships in mind, we have designed our incentives to be memorable, customizable and rejuvenating. This is why most are focused on travel, and this is why your customers will make sure that they buy their next product from you.


Focus on reactivating lapsed customers

Almost every business has lapsed customers but each defines them differently. For example, the time between purchases will be greater for a mattress retailer than for a gym. Once you've determined the expected timeframe between repeat purchases for your customers, we can help you develop a sound win-back campaign.

Let's say that online sales are a primary source of revenue for your company. You could launch a win-back email campaign to reengage the lapsed portion of your database. An easy-to-implement touch point could be an initial “we miss you” email that reminds customers that you exist. However, Return Path reported that the average read rate was 12% for a survey of 33 retailers conducting win-back email campaigns. That's nearly 90% of untapped potential.

Our strength is in showing businesses how to increase customer interest and motivation. Instead of a simple email reminder for your second touch point, we could implement a promotion that rewards lapsed customers who make a new purchase with relevant incentives. Not only does this increase customers' desire to buy your product, but it also rewards them for doing so.


Sales Incentives
Motivate your employees to increase sales

According to the Incentives Marketing Study conducted by the Incentive Federation, 46% of U.S. businesses use non-cash rewards in their sales programs. Of these businesses, 53% use travel incentives, which are the main focus in our incentive product offering. Not only does travel provide a host of health and productivity benefits to your employees, but it is also a proven, tangible motivator among salespeople.

From two-night getaways to weeklong vacations, we have many incentive options depending on your sales goals. In most cases, purchasing travel incentives is cheaper than handing out cash SPIFs (Sales Performance Incentive Funds). Despite their affordability, travel incentives have a high perceived value among recipients.

This value makes incentives effective in rewarding sales behaviors, the achievement of sales revenue, personal improvement, team performance and more. Explain your budget, objectives, culture and requirements, and we'll help you develop a tailored sales incentives program.


"Dana you are the best! Thanks for making my reservations so easy!!"



"We were so pleased with the help that Dana gave us when we were planning out first trip to Las Vegas. She was very professional, helpful, considerate, and understanding. We had never used Grand Incentives and certainly did not know what steps to properly do. She was great."



"Awesome room in Dallas for Ambition 2014, thanks to Ambit Energy and Grand Incentives 2 night and 3 days for FREE. BEAUTIFUL SUITE!! Thanks Dana for all your help making this happen."



"Tammy, I want to take this time to thank you for the great job you did with our airfare using the companion ticket on our May Las Vegas trip. Your level of trip detail and your professional manner was so reassuring to us being 69 years old. This was so important to us."

David and Sara

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