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Product Name: Lucky 7

7 Resort Destinations

Making a choice of where to take a getaway can be taxing. With the Lucky 7 we make the choice easy, when you can have all seven resort areas with this certificate. Imagine taking seven getaways to exotic and fun locations all over North America. Then, if you want to use these certificates to extend your stay, we can assist you with the best rates available.


7 Getaways in 1

We have 7 great locations for special getaways; you don't have to make a choice. You get all 7 locations with 1 certificate.

3 Days / 2 Nights

That 3-day, 2-night getaway is perfect to ease the stress of everyday life. Now multiply that by 7 times. Wow! Feeling relaxed yet?

Major Hotel Chains

Stay at major hotel chains such as Sheraton, Best Western, Holiday Inn*. With easy access to key sites for each destination.

Fully Refundable Deposit

At booking, we ask for a $50 fully refundable room guarantee deposit. Once travel is complete, we will issue a full refund.

7 Resort Areas

Caribbean, Hawaii, Orlando, Mexico, Florida Beaches, Eastern U.S, Western U.S: Why choose? You can have them all!

Register Online or by Mail

The online registration system makes it easy for the choice to be booked. Or utilize our mail-in process for easy registration




Our design and print services make it easy to order and start using for your business right away.



It's easy to register online. You can also get additional information about how the incentive works.

Fulfillment Center

Full-Service Travel

We are a full-service travel agency, so we can handle all the details for your customer, from questions to registration and booking.


Our fulfillment center is standing by to take care of your travel needs. We will work with you on finding the best location and timeframe for your trip and can assist you with transportation if needed. Since the stay is fully paid for we do require a $50 fully refundable room guarantee deposit and once you have completed your stay, we will promptly refund your money, or use that deposit to reserve your next trip with Lucky 7. You will be responsible for only the room taxes.

Want to Extend your Stay?

Most of your recipients find that with such a great deal, they will want to extent their trip even longer. We offer great deals for extended stay packages and encourage your users to take advantage of the offers we can provide. - And it's easy to extend your stay, just let the fulfillment center know and we will provide you with your best options.


With 7 resort areas, your customer can choose where they want to go.

We have multiple locations with each of these resort areas, consult your travel advisor to see what availability is with each resort area.

  • St. Thomas
  • Eastern United States
  • Mexico
  • Orlando
  • Hawaii
  • Florida Beaches
  • Western United States


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